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Painting Conservation at Iziko South African National Gallery and the Honours in Curatorship programme at the University of Cape Town

It is a privilege for Conservation at the National Gallery to host three special events per year for the Honors in Curatorship students at the University of Cape Town (UCT). In addition to this there are internships which are a great opportunity and benefit to both the Gallery and the students.

Writing of condition reports falls within the Practical Communications elective which Hayden Proud, Curator of Historic Paintings and Sculpture convenes. An introduction to preventive conservation is offered to all of the students in the curatorship programme at UCT. The care and preservation of mixed collections including, paintings, works on paper and wood are introduced. There is also a hands-on component, for instance using the Leica microscope. A highlight of the course is the Invited Specialist Conservation Workshop for the students with one open session to all, see separate tab for detail, or link to CCA workshop

In addition the interniship program is also of great value to both the Gallery and the students.

Conservation Specialist Workshop - Ellen Pearlstein
22-26 August 2016, at Iziko South African National Gallery
Conservation week 2016
Condition report writing by UCT CCA Students 2016
This is part of Hayden Proud’s Modual, Practical Communications
Conservation Week 2016
This year, invited specialists and conservators were invited to speak with the Honours students to consider different aspects of conservation.
Alain Clark-Miller, Art Insure, speaking with the students about aspects of Insurance
Free Art Talk | Contemporary Issues In Art Conservation
Wednesday 24th August 2016
Ellen Pearlstein
Conservation Specialist Workshop - Ellen Pearlstein
22 – 26th August 2016
Conservation Week 2015
5th June 2015
Barnabas using the stereo microscope to examine a Bailey painting
Conservation Specialist Workshop - Sanchita Balachandran
13th – 17th July 2015
Conservation Week, 26 - 30 May 2014
Hayden Proud discussing the Liberman doors and their history with the students.

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Coservation Week 2016
2016 Professor Ellen Pearlstein
2015 Sanchita Balachandran
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