Painting Conservation

Honours in Curatorship

Conservation Specialist Workshop - Ellen Pearlstein

22-26 August 2016, at Iziko South African National Gallery

Professor Ellen Pearlstein

UCLA Information Studies

UCLA/Getty Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials

Open talk: Wednesday 24th August 1-2pm

Convenor: A. Zehnder

The was taken by Professor Ellen Pearlstein, UCLA Information Studies and UCLA/Getty Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials, Los Angeles

And the title of the workshop was The history and current practices of preventive conservation.

It was attended by the UCT Center for Curating the Archive Class 2016, as well as Social History Conservation and Art Collections, Collections Management and some Art Collections Curators who attended parts. There was an open talk where more than 70 people joined. All who attended the workshop found the workshop really great and were so thankful that this workshop was possible!

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Conservation week 2016
Posted: 2017/01/01 (14:19:45)
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