Painting Conservation

Conservation and Exhibitions

Conservation plays an important role in the preparation of artworks for exhibitions. Paintings may need conservation treatment prior to their display and all exhibited works require condition reports both before and after being exhibited. Conservation considerations are taken into account when artworks are crated and transported and also in controlling the environmental conditions of exhibition and storage spaces. Conservators may be expected to courier works and accompany them to institutions borrowing them for special exhibitions. For example, works from the permanent collection were loaned to the Nobel Peace center for the Strengths and Convictions exhibition. Dame Laura Knight Flying the Kite, was loaned to the Yale Center for British Art, for the exhibition titled Edwardian Opulence.

An artist's interview with Penny Siopes in conversation with Patricia Smithen
Thursday 18th, 5.30pm
Open Talk, More than Paint: Art on the Edge, by Patricia Smithen
Wednesday 17th July, 1-2pm
Panel discussion: Should Contemporary Art Last: moderated by Patricia Smithen
Tuesday 16th July, 1-2.30pm
Patricia Smithen, Assistant Professor, Paintings Conservation, Queen's University, Kingston
Conservation Week, Specialist
Monday 15th – Friday 19th July, 9.30am – 3.30pm, Iziko SA National Gallery
Patricia Smithen, Assistant Professor, Paintings Conservation, Queen's University, Kingston
Conservation Week, Artist
Richard Mudariki in dialogue with the UCT CCA Honours in Curating students
Painted Surfaces: New Light on Artists' Techniques
30th November - 1st April 2017
George Pemba, ‘Harvesting the Wheatfields’, in normal and UV light
I’ve Just Seen a Face: The Preservation of Photographic Collections
Speaker: Prof. Debra Norris, Chair, Department of Art Conservation, University of Delaware
Research project
Technical studies on South African paintings in Iziko collections
Another Iziko Michaelis Painting on loan
This time to Musée de Flandre, in Cassel, France
International Loans 2016
Conservation contributed to with condition report writing, conservation treatments and specialist packing
Condition report writing by UCT CCA Students 2016
This is part of Hayden Proud’s Modual, Practical Communications
Free Art Talk | Contemporary Issues In Art Conservation
Wednesday 24th August 2016
Artist unknown, previously attributed to Cyp and later School of Rembrandt
Portrait of a Man wearing a Beret and Chain
The labels on the back read as you see below.
Penny Siopis Retrospective exhibition
Preparation and condition reports

Photo: Adele van Heerden, cca, UCT
Photo: Adele van Heerden, cca, UCT
Conservation and Exhibitions
Honours in Curatorship

Coservation Week 2016
2016 Professor Ellen Pearlstein
2015 Sanchita Balachandran
Future plans
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