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Iíve Just Seen a Face: The Preservation of Photographic Collections

Speaker: Prof. Debra Norris, Chair, Department of Art Conservation, University of Delaware

Photographs connect the world. They are complex structures. Their final images, comprised of silver or platinum metal, pigments and organic dyes in cyan, yellow and magenta will fade and discolour over time. This presentation will address the basic structure of popular 19th and 20th century photographic processes, and provide practical guidance on long-term preservation. Tips on emergency response and recovery, proper storage and handling will also be offered.

Date: Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Time: 13:00Ė14:00

Venue: Iziko South African National Gallery Goverment Ave., Companyís Garden, Cape Town

RSVP: Essential - Nomapatho Mesele, email

Enquiries: Angela Zehnder, email

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Posted: 2017/09/18 (17:00:00)
Conservation and Exhibitions
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