Sir Abe Bailey Bequest
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Numbering over 400 items, which includes paintings, prints and drawings, the Sir Abe Bailey Bequest is the largest bequest held at the SA National Gallery to this day. It also constitutes one of the largest collections of British sporting art held by any public art museum in the world. The Sir Abe Bailey Trust has remained actively involved in its maintenance, and in more recent years has made substantial contributions to ongoing conservation work on the collection. This provides funding for the conservation work to be carried out on the paintings, frames and work on paper.

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Iziko-UCT CCA Preventive Conservation Workshop
Tuesday 21st 23rd September 2021
Conservation news

Whole front before treatment The following paintings were conserved
During 2020
Whole front normal light before treatment J Pollard
Mail Coach in a Thunderstorm
Whole front before treatment WJ Shayer
On the Pole
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Andrew Lamprecht
Appointed as the new Historical Paintings and Sculpture Curator, Iziko South African National Gallery.
GC examining the painting using the new stereo microscope
possible by Yentl Kohl, Iziko Education. Condition reports compiled on Bailey paintings
By Honours in Curatorship students

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