Painting Conservation

The conservation of painting in the Art Collections Department of Iziko Museums of South Africa is focused on the unique and valued collections from the late 18th Century to the present. The range of conservation and restoration treatments can vary depending on the paintings and their condition.

Conservation and Exhibitions

Iíve Just Seen a Face: The Preservation of Photographic Collections
Speaker: Prof. Debra Norris, Chair, Department of Art Conservation, University of Delaware
Research project
Technical studies on South African paintings in Iziko collections
International Loans 2016
Conservation contributed to with condition report writing, conservation treatments and specialist packing
Condition report writing by UCT CCA Students 2016
This is part of Hayden Proudís Modual, Practical Communications
Free Art Talk | Contemporary Issues In Art Conservation
Wednesday 24th August 2016
Conservation Highlights
Sliding screen project for large paintings
This project has allowed large paintings to be viewed on the sliding screens for study and research
Bronwyn Leone using the Leica Microscope, photograph by A. Zehnder Microscopy and research
LEICA M320 Stereomicroscope with full Video Capture
Conservation and Exhibitions
Honours in Curatorship

Coservation Week 2016
2016 Professor Ellen Pearlstein
2015 Sanchita Balachandran
Future plans
Visit Abe Bailey Conservation

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